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Do you follow All Aboard Wheat Harvest using a mobile device?




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syngentaAre underground diseases and insects posing a threat to your valuable cereal crop investments?  Syngenta recommends preventing insects and diseases from attacking in the first place with a seed treatment insecticide/fungicide.  With seed treatments like Cruiser® 5FS seed treatment insecticide and Vibrance® brand seed treatment fungicides, the crop gets off to a uniform start with improved emergence.   With these seed treatments from Syngenta, protection begins the moment seeds are planted and continues as they work systemically to protect young plants as they grow.  The active ingredient in Cruiser 5FS, thiamethoxam, has been proven to produce healthier, more vigorous plants.  This phenomenon is called the Cruiser Vigor Effect, and it has been seen on a variety of crops, resulting in faster emergence, improved plant stands, increased root mass, thicker stems, earlier canopies, taller and greener plants, improved quality and higher yield potential. In addition, Vibrance brands supply cereal growers with best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity and enhanced RootingPower to help achieve optimized root health and consistent yield stability from year to year.  Syngenta encourages growers to protect their seed from the moment it is planted. Syngenta is a proud sponsor of All Aboard Wheat Harvest.  We wish you luck on this week’s giveaway question!

To enter scroll down and leave a reply. We will announce a winner at 2 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, August 14.


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29 Responses to Win a Prize Pack!
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  1. Yes I have followed for the last three years on my smart phone.
    I love seeing where the crews are and how the wheat crop is doing where they are harvesting!

  2. I typically will try to use the home/work computer because I want to see full sized pictures, but I always make sure to catch up either on my smart phone or on Facebook.

  3. Usually on the desktop because I like the pictures on the larger
    screen. I check this site daily because I am a farmer and always
    are interested in what other farmers are doing.

    John Murphy

  4. I admit it. I don’t. I’m a major techy sort of guy but I view them all on my desktop computer. It doesn’t seem like it would do well on my Nexus 7 but I admit, I’ve never tried it. Some things are still easier on the desktop.

  5. I follow using my laptop. When I am at the lake or on vacation I go into town, usually daily, and find a business that will let me connect to their internet so I can keep up on what is going on.

  6. On pad, on the iphone, on the desktop and in HPJ…. my 12 year old reads it with me everyday. Displaced farm kid in NM has to get the fix somehow….lol

  7. Absolutely NOT!!!!!
    Strictly using a 35-inch, flat screen HDTV Magnavox for the monitor on a MAC G-5 — Get the full impact of the reporters’ sunset photos — or the massed machines lineup.
    Found this “end of model year” demo unit on sale for less than the standard 19-inch monitor. Best computer auxiliary gear purchase ever.
    The idea of those great photos — including the crew photos — Fireworks, football, inside the cabs, repairing equipment, et al shown on a tiny hand-held mobile screen is almost nauseating in comparison.

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