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Laura: It has started!
Laura Haffner

Wichita County, Texas: May 24 – Mark it in the books – the official start to the cutting season. I had almost forgotten how I love to hear the hum of the machines. The low sound almost has a calming effect on the soul, and nothing can beat the smell of fresh cut wheat!

Due to moisture, some fields have some patches that remain to be cut, so we don’t have official yield data to report yet. Test weights are coming in around 58 lbs per bushel. Hail damage has affected yields, and some fields have been zeroed out at our first stop. Today’s forecast shows a high of 99, and tomorrow shows 101 with a little wind. It should be prime cutting weather, if we can avoid the small chances for rain in the forecast.

Below are some photos I took the first night.

IMG_8764 IMG_8784 IMG_8782 IMG_8839

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6 Responses to Laura: It has started!
Laura Haffner

  1. Good pictures, thanks for keeping us posted. Good Luck, I agree nothing is a wonderful as the smell of newly cut grain in summer.!

    • Tom, much to his dismay, he was not able to ride the first several days of harvest, but finally got a chance tonight! He was on cloud nine to say the least!

  2. used to do this for a living with my Dad and always started our year in Randlett, OK. every year come this time I still feel like a caged animal. Good luck this year

  3. I’m new to this. Would love to join the custom cutter trade but a little too old! Fresh cut hay smells just as nice, but know the smell of newly cut grain also! Best of luck for a great season! Great pics! Please keep them coming!


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