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Laura: The end is approaching
Laura Haffner

North Dakota: Last week I wrote that the crew was racing to beat the rain. They were able to finish the field, but caught rain the next morning. As a result, they were out of the field a couple of days. Then they cut three and a half days before hitting green in the crop again. In the middle of the of those few days of cutting, Ryan made the comment, “We’re really starting to feel like we’re harvesting now!”  What he was referencing was typically we’re used to “binge” harvesting, meaning we cut for a week or sometimes several weeks straight and then catch a break. Here we have been making steady progress and chipping away acre by acre. There just hasn’t been any “bingeing” due to the weather conditions so it just feels a little weird. It has been such a strange year, and with the weather up north, it just keeps getting stranger. Nevertheless, we have been thankful for each acre we’ve cut despite the inconsistency in the cutting days. The crew finished up the durum wheat and have moved on to canola. The canola has been yielding in the 25-30 bushel per acre range.

Fall harvest is approaching but not exactly around the corner.  Since harvest has been moving at a slow pace up north, most have been able to keep up with the flow, so there doesn’t seem like there’s many extra acres available after we finish this job.  The end to our summer run appears to be in sight.

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
The farmer’s and our combines teamed up for the last field of Durham. (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
Wheat is finished! On to canola! (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
Getting into the canola (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
Many of the farms in the area have on farm storage. Its been nearly a month since we’ve taken a load to the elevator. (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
The next load is about to head into the bin. (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
Canola harvest (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Ryan)
The green canola gave us the opportunity to view the eclipse. Everyone was impressed! (Photo credit: Ryan)

High Plains Harvesting 2017 (Charel)
Charel snagged a picture of Ryan for me! (Photo credit: Charel)

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