High Plains Journal All Aboard Wheat Harvest

Capture your favorite harvest photo and share what harvest looks like through the eyes of farming in wheat country! 

Click HERE to submit a photo or vote for your favorite.

Grand Prize: Feature placement in the 2018 calendar, $250, 1yr print/digital HPJ subscription
Honorable Mention: Calendar snap shot and 1yr print/digital HPJ subscription

Entry Requirements
—Photos should follow the theme of Harvest Season, being indicative of agriculture and/or rural living.
—Photo uploads must include name, address, city, state, ZIP, phone number, and email address of entrant and a photo title or brief description.
—Deadline for submissions: Monday, July 24, 2017

Photo Submission Requirements
—We can only accept high-quality, high-resolution digital color photos in any standard image format (e.g., JPG, PNG, TIF) and must be at least 1MB (1,024KB) in size and of sufficient resolution to judge the quality of the photo. 
—All entries should be horizontal (landscape) because of the design of the calendar. Vertical photos will not be considered as monthly feature or cover winners.
—No artwork, paintings, or Polaroids will be accepted. Please do not add watermarks, borders, frames or other digital decorations to photos.
—No families or relatives of High Plains Journal are eligible to win.
—We reserve the right to use any images and/or stories you send us in the High Plains Journal or High Plains Publishing mediums for any marketing purpose.
—All photos become the property of High Plains Journal and may be edited. Photos will be copyrighted by High Plains Journal and may be redistributed as it may choose.
—You confirm that you own the copyrights to all the photographs you submit and that, to your knowledge, the photographs do not violate any existing copyright pursuant to statute, common law, or equity. If your photo is selected for the calendar, you assign all copyrights to High Plains Journal.
—You agree to hold harmless High Plains Journal, all of its subsidiaries and employees harmless from any and all claims resulting from the use of your photograph.
—You understand that NO royalties will be paid to you for publication of your photographs or links to High Plains Journal or High Plains Publishing websites or in the marketing of any product under that umbrella.