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James Hayhurst is a 22 year-old Englishman who has joined us on his first harvest and spends most of his days as the #3 combine driver. In his hometown of Lancaster, James helps on his family’s farm when he isn’t busy working at his job where does custom work such as baling, hauling hay, manure spreading- whatever he can do for area farmer. He is a hard worker and is known as Mr. Fix-it to us when he’s not in the combine.

Our followers have a chance to be one of our featured photos. Simply share your harvest photos with the crew on our Facebook page. You can post them directly to our wall. Your photo could be selected as a featured photo and could be posted...

Scott Clark's crew has moved into Kansas and has seen dramatic differences in the wheat crop due to moisture. This week Scott talks about a clients secondary crop and how rain tends to change plans.

The crew moved to eastern Kansas last Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of the east side of Kansas has had a considerable amount of rainfall this season – and it shows. The yields have been averaging from 40 to 65 bushels/acre and the test weights have been as high as 64 pounds. The wheat is waist high in most places, and we aren’t forced to run our headers on the ground to get all the wheat.

Happy Father's Day. . . Here's a little Father's Day humor to "you" no matter what you're called.......... First they call you dada, then they call you daddy, then they call you dad, then they call you collect.

Kaidence and Leon on Fathers Day
Kaidence and her "Daddy" on Father's Day. Leon's lucky he's still known as Daddy ; )

This day is an unforgettable one and a day that never seems to typically be celebrated at the same stop. We've celebrated as far down as Texas and far up as Colorado. What's funny is this day helps mark where we were on our route each year. Last year we were in Kiowa, KS. The year we were in Texas, I made my dad brownies and bought Dairy Queen ice cream to go with it. You just remember weird tidbits like that.