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Lindsey joined All Aboard Wheat Harvest this year and will be a part-time correspondent. Lindsey and her husband, Jason, are the owners of Orgain Harvesting, a full service custom grain harvesting business based in western Oklahoma.

Lindsey: Visitors

Cheyenne, Oklahoma – On the afternoon of June 10th we had the privilege of welcoming four guys from the Boys Town Ranch in Edmond, Oklahoma- a ministry of the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. It is always neat to have a chance to educate anyone on what goes on during harvest, but especially some young, eager minds.
Group Picture
Our group picture.
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Lindsey: The To-Do List is Full

Cheyenne, OK- Wheat harvest is near, but we have a “few” things to do before then. I am Lindsey Orgain with Orgain Harvesting in Cheyenne, Oklahoma. This will be my husband Jason’s 12th year in business. We were married on May 5, 2012 and were in Grandfield, Oklahoma cutting wheat on May 7. Talk about a romantic honeymoon! I cannot believe that was five years ago. Continue Reading

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  1. Awesome first contribution! I’m so proud of you guys. May your days be blessed and your harvest be plenty.

  2. Lindsey, Great to have a new crew on this site. I’ve followed AAWH, since day one, a super site to hook up with.

  3. Definitely Oklahomans such as those I grew up among in the 1930s and 40s.
    That ain’t fair though, we worked from South Texas and Oklahoma north to 200 miles inside Canada — with 12-foot cutter heads, three to five ton single axle grain trucks, which served as tow vehicles for combines.
    The boss and his wife had an 15×20 Army Surplus squad tent where they slept on cots, which folded for room to cook and serve meals to the crew.
    More than 75% of the time, there was no “town time” since the jobs were so far out.
    We trained the grain truck drivers to spell us on the Gleaners, so we could take one load to town every week and buy necessities, like a cafe meal, new shirt or hat.

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