Jordan, Montana - The kids have been gone a week already. It seems much longer than that. It feels like a dream.

If you recall, we got started on winter wheat acres last Saturday afternoon. We finished them on Tuesday afternoon (7/31). I didn't even have time to think about it being the LAST acres of winter wheat for 2018. We changed settings on The Beast to cut lentils and kept right on rolling. It wasn't until we headed into town that evening that I realized the chase had ended. And then I felt a bit melancholy. Why

Pierre, South Dakota – We’ve been staying busy cutting spring wheat but I think we’ll work ourselves out of work pretty soon. All I want to do is keep on cutting wheat and work all day every day. The cutting conditions have been good except for the occasional evening rain shower that has shut us down a time or two. The spring wheat we’ve cut has been in the 40 to 60 bushels per acre range. The test weight has been 61 to 63 pounds per bushel and the protein 12.0 to 16.4 percent. We did cut one

South Central Montana: The decision was finally made to wave the white flag and retreat from the field. It was just too green and nothing was going to go. The decision was made to try again Monday, so that gave the crew a short break. After Ryan caught up on paperwork and I on All Aboard posts, we needed to get parts at the John Deere dealership in Billings. We used it as an excuse for family time, went to lunch and followed that up with a trip to Pictograph Caves and Pompey’s Pillar. The day before I took the

Click the video below to enjoy the scenic sites of winter wheat harvest in central South Dakota. Enjoy!!!

Three weeks after arriving in Onida, South Dakota, we are finally shifting gears....moving from winter wheat to spring wheat. No doubt you have noticed this year's very unusual weather, and harvest in South Dakota has been unusual because guessed it, the weather.

We often anticipate a South Dakota harvest to be hot, dry, and windy with long hours and weeks of uninterrupted harvesting. This year is the opposite. Cool weather has been the norm, replacing triple-digit heat

Jordan, Montana - I tried it. I really did! And I thought it was going to work, until I turned the corner and the wind blew from a different direction.

I honestly believe that's the way it is up here. It was bad in Eastern Colorado but up here in the remote regions of East Central Montana, the cell service is virtually non-existent. Not only does it make it difficult to keep good on a promise (to keep the Combine Cam rolling), it's also pretty crummy to keep in contact with family.

It wasn't that long ago

Southern Montana - The crew has been reunited in Montana. We were very fortunate because the first load went up without a hitch. The second round had only one blown out tire and it was fixed quickly. One blown tire out of 164 tires on the second trip, yes, we’ll count that as success. With that many people on the road, heavy equipment, ports and permits, you can imagine moving is a stressful time. We want everyone, our crew and those around us, to remain safe.

I know there is a lot going on during moving days, so I proposed that