Manley, Nebraska - Who mows their yard at 11:00 pm? Me. Thank goodness for headlights on the mower! Actually, it was sort of like cutting wheat at night - a good change from the norm.

I'm certain the neighbors looked out their window once or twice to see what the heck was going on and why in the world is she mowing now? The days before leaving home for the next several months is so stressful. It gets to the point where you've just got to be done with the little things you thought needed to be done and

Hemphill County, Texas - We have had a little bit of everything going on around here lately- moving cattle, hauling cattle, planting cotton, custom farming…you name it!  We were finally able to kick off our harvest season.  We also have the privilege of hosting a great group of guys from the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Our first harvest stop was West of Durham, Oklahoma in Hemphill County, Texas.  This is wheat that we grow and we felt very fortunate to have any wheat to harvest, as many of our friends and neighbors suffered from significant drought

North Texas - This year we also had the opportunity to not only to host young but but also the women of the Baptist Home for Girls in Madill, Oklahoma. As a woman in agriculture, I couldn’t have been more pleased to share the experience with a group of young women because, after all, agriculture isn’t just for men!

The girls, Jaymie, Hailey, and Kaylynn, their host parents Dexter, Reighna, and children, and Michael (the man behind the 10 Acre Challenge) and his son, could not have joined us on a more beautiful morning in Texas. It was overcast with just

It’s 100 degrees, and the wind is blowing 35 mph….yup, we are in Minneola, Kansas alright! Jones Harvesting moved our equipment successfully from Iowa and Minnesota, traveling two days to reach our first stop of the year. We took a different route than normal, skipping drought-stricken Oklahoma. It makes us feel discombobulated to begin harvesting in Kansas instead, and we greatly missed seeing our farmers, friends and the local sights of Thomas, Oklahoma. We were thankful for the extra time at home to prepare for the 2018 season, but are excited to finally leave home and start our

“The harvest drive is on again,
John Farmer needs a lot of men;
to work beneath the Kansas heat,
and shock and stack and thresh his wheat.”
~ Harvest Land, by T.D. and H, From the Little Red Song Book.

Manley, Nebraska - When I tagged along with Grandma and Grandpa for the first time in 1974, living on the road and chasing the ripening wheat was all new to me. I had no idea what challenges they went through or sacrifices they made. I just knew they were away all summer. I didn't have a

North Texas - Early into our Texas stop we had a group of special visitors from the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Three young men, Shane, Josiah, and Patrick, and their sponsors Jim and Don, made the trip to experience the prime cutting weather with us! In other words, they got to experience some sweltering heat, but were great sports!

This is our second year getting the privilege to work with the youth from the Boys Ranch Town in Edmond, Oklahoma. They are a sponsor of the All Aboard Wheat Harvest program again in 2018. The Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children