Jordan, Montana - It was 41 degrees yesterday when we got up. My very first action of the day was turning on the "fireplace". It's actually just a glorified space heater but it looks nice and it does a fine job of warming up the Cottage in a short period of time.

When the flies start hanging around the screen door late in the day, you know you may as well count on the next morning beginning with the heat of the fireplace.

Where did it go? Summer, that is. How does it go from being 108 degrees to 41

Grand Forks, North Dakota – The spring wheat we’ve been harvesting recently has been as beautiful as ever. The yields have been great. I know nobody likes a bragger. Definitely not bragging, just saying! They must have had a good winter and the perfect amount of snow and rain (moisture) with the perfect timing to grow such a beautiful wheat crop here in North Dakota. They put on the fertilizer too. I will give the farmers credit. There are good farmers here and they know how to get it done and done right!

The wheat I harvested recently has been yielding

Great Falls, Montana - Our crew out in Montana is keeping busy cutting chickpeas and so far so good JC says.  The chickpeas are easy cutting and they are making harvest progress.  They are yielding in the 40s and they are dry.  They also had Canada fires heavy smoke in the air for several days.  Once they finish chickpeas they'll cut barley.

The durum they cut yielded over 70 bushels per acre.  The spring wheat averaged about 65 bushels per acre and the best winter wheat they cut yielded 92 bushels per acre.  Montana must've had

Wow, what a difference a few days can make.  You'll recall the slow progress we had been making in South Dakota because of the green spring wheat ripening so slowly with cooler temperatures.  Well, the weather finally cooperated, the wheat dried down, and South Dakota ended in a flurry of activity. Click to watch the video below for an update live from our final South Dakota field. Then continue reading about the first few busy days of North Dakota harvest.

Finishing South Dakota always feels like such an accomplishment, because we spend so much time here covering so many

South Central Montana - It is not often that our crew is all together cutting in the same field. When I’m on the road, I’m usually with half of the crew. Depending on the day and equipment line-up, that could be 4-7 extra mouths to feed in addition to my family. In Montana, we were all together, so I was feeding 13 adults and two kids when we were in the field. Some crews are larger, some are smaller, but no matter whether you are cooking for 1 or 30+, it’s a job! I’m not always on the road

South Central Montana - Combines have continued to roll in the same area so there’s not that much new to report regarding the crew. I thought I would make a simple post highlighting the beauty of the area using pictures.

Speaking of pictures, my phone, while getting older but seemed to be in mint condition, quit without warning just prior to the weekend. I had intended to use some nice panoramas for this post. I had recently backed up and pulled pictures off my phone but hadn’t done it for the last couple weeks yet. It remains to be seen if