Jordan, Montana - 2,100 mile trip...we made it!

I sorta pushed Jim to get as far as the Black Hills the first day. I was hoping we could spend an afternoon with Jamie's family. Ben's birthday was Tuesday (7/24) and I knew they would be spending the day touring and sightseeing. And then, they would be heading to Jordan to spend several days with us before having to head back home.

Well, it didn't happen. We didn't make it to the Black Hills in time. I mean, we did...sorta.

We got back to

Great Falls, Montana – Our crew in the Great Falls, Montana area has been busy cutting winter wheat for over a week now. They are reporting exceptionally good yields.  The winter wheat has been averaging 60 to 90 bushels per acre.  The test weights are 65 to 66 pounds and the protein 12.5%.  Sawfly has been an issue and it’s worse this year.

They are planning on harvesting winter wheat for another 7 to 10 days. After that they’ll harvest spring wheat and then chickpeas to follow.  So far their fields have been big and

Northeast Colorado - This stop is normally one of my favorite places to photograph the crew. It’s deep blue skies, wide open spaces, and gorgeous sunsets does not disappoint. However, this year, when we finally made it back into the field, the air hung heavy. There was very little breeze, which caused the dust to linger making it difficult to see the action properly. This does not make for very photogenic harvest pictures and why I’m lacking them! The wildlife was willing to pose though!

Yields were all over the place. We had anything from 30 to over 50 bushels per

Pierre, South Dakota – We made the big trip from Sidney, Nebraska up to the Pierre, South Dakota area and had a great trip. The outside temperature was only 70 degrees and we didn’t have any tire troubles.  That’s a lot to be thankful for on a big day of traveling.  However, there were two places where we got stopped for road construction.  There’s a really big hill north of Bridgeport, Nebraska and so I was getting prepared for it.  I was speeding up going down a hill so I could easily make the upcoming big hill

Morgan County - I thought I was going to be late to the party. Some things back home delayed my departure to northeast Colorado. Upon arriving, Ryan thought they’d have around three more days of cutting, and we would head to Montana that weekend. As it turns out, we ran into some green wheat which extended our time planned in Colorado. Montana wasn’t quite ready anyway, so it timed out fine.

When I got to Colorado, they were just starting to play the hunt and peck game for dry wheat. By dry, I’m referring to the moisture of the grain, not

Lodgepole, Nebraska - The harvest trail can offer so many uncertainties.  For me, our camper is about the only constant, for sure thing we’ve got…it’s home.  I think having two little ones in-tow makes it that much more of a necessity.  I’ll be the first to admit that they are much more resilient than me, but I do think having your own bed, your own toys, your own space makes this lifestyle much more doable for everyone.

We spent the first several weeks of harvest “homeless.”  Our camper had a few issues that needed to be