Limon, Colorado - The custom harvester continues to struggle with the 2018 harvest season.

What began in May with severe drought in the southern states and the late season freezes, continues now with the nasty four-letter word…hail. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, the images on social media will provide you with a pretty good idea of what we’re up against.

I honestly believe when a farmer plants and cares for a crop, he doesn’t do it with the hope of harvest being eliminated by the Great White Combine. If that’s the case, why even farm?

BT Harvesting Photo credit to Amanda

Limon, Colorado - Goodness, it's such a catch 22. I either have enough time to do the things I need to do (which means we're doing nothing in the field) OR I'm scrambling to figure out how to make it all work.

I'm behind on catching the world up to what we're up to. I'm behind on paying bills. I'm behind on getting laundry done. Where do I start? But it's like this because we're working...and that's a GOOD thing. A very good thing.

Z Crew Nice wind-blown hairdo there TZ

Southwest Nebraska - It’s still unreal to me that we had nothing to cut in western Kansas. I didn’t get to use my Shelbourne header much in Kansas this year.  Blue header time is one of my favorite times during wheat harvest.  I’m disappointed.

We spent the 4th of July cutting in southwest Nebraska.  The wheat yielded 80 plus bushels per acre and the test weight 61 lbs.  For the most part, the wheat was standing good but there were places where it was lodged.  That meant slow and low cutting.  It also made for

Greeley County, Kansas: On Sunday after church, as I was cleaning and packing up the camper, Little Man asked, “Mom, why do we have to leave already? I haven’t had enough fun yet!” You see, the kids really enjoy the Tribune/Sharon Springs area as do I. They both have friendly people, great pools with slides, clean, exciting, parks, community-run movie theaters, and even a bowling alley. It is not a problem finding something fun to do. It is a harvest kid’s dream.

This year, however, our run was cut short, hence Little Man’s comment that he hadn’t

Southeast Colorado: The other day I was delivering meals to the field and struck up a conversation with a few of the crew members. Our team comes from different parts of the world and this year the United States, United Kingdom, and Netherlands are represented in the lineup. It is neat to learn more about where they’re from but also fun to hear their opinions about the places we cut.

High Plains Harvesting 2018The guys joking around during lunch. Photo credit: Laura

You already know that the High Plains is one of my favorite regions to harvest. The wide-open spaces, sparse population