Southeast Colorado: I have a love/hate relationship with GPS technology. Some of you may recall this from previous posts. I will admit, it is improving all the time and the accuracy is a little scary (the occasionally inaccuracy is equally scary). Without giving away my exact age, I’m apart of that “micro” generation some people talk about. I’m not totally a Gen X’er but not completely a Gen Y (millennial) either. Some people call us the “Xennials”. Yeah, it’s a thing, go check it out. I’m not going to debate if it’s a “real” generation or not, but it

Garden City, Kansas - Music has a way of taking a person back to a time and a place that meant something. The song, "The Boys Are Back In Town", was popular the summer of 1976. A time when I was a whole lot younger and never dreamed that one day I would be as old as I am now. Tunes and lyrics tend to make me a little sentimental these days! This one always meant a lot to me because it reminded me of the little towns we once pulled into during the harvest journey. I remember the days

Enders, Nebraska – I’ve traveled quite a few miles the past couple of days while moving equipment from Kansas up north to southwest Nebraska. Our Kansas run was short this year.  Usually we spend the 4th of July in western Kansas but there was nothing there for us to cut this year.  I have seen way too many fields harvested by the great white combine.  We have lost wheat acres this summer due to hail.  Hail is bad not only for the farmer but also for the custom harvester.  It really throws a wrench in

Garden City, Kansas - The word that has been out of most farmer's vocabulary for a very long time, recently returned. RAIN...

It never seems to fail. As soon as the combines are unloaded and ready to go to work, it rains. I know I've said this before but I'm going to say it again. I honestly believe we custom harvesters need to travel the country with our loaded combine, unload it and wait. It won't take very long. It typically happens shortly after our arrival to a new destination. I would hate to say, "I guarantee