Jenna: Rain

Mom and Dad went to Elk City this morning to pick up the semi. When they got back, they were going to go out to the field and cut a sample, but it decided to rain instead! Seriously … it’s June 10, and we haven’t cut an acre of wheat. I think we’re about to set a record or something.

So, yes, it was another day of hanging out. Dad took a nap. Mom cut my bangs. Callie wrote a story about a spider that likes cider. Taylor, well, I don’t know what Taylor did all day.

Oh, and if you haven’t picked up on it already, our family is a little…silly. We just do a lot of dumb things for entertainment, especially on rain days. Today, for example, Mom was making fun of my skinny arms, so I challenged her to a contest to see which one of us could hold our arms out longer and, therefore, determine who has the stronger arms. I definitely won.

Rainy day activity
Rain day “fun.” (Those are our game faces.)

This evening we got a call from some of our harvesting friends, the Ginthers, who are cutting near Enid, Okla. They wanted to meet for supper, so we met in Fairview, Okla. which is basically right between us. We cut with the Ginthers a few years ago in western Nebraska and have remained friends. I still even keep in contact with their hired hand from back then, Joe from Minnesota, and give him a hard time about being a “smelly truck driver.” :]

It’s always fun to get together with old friends, but it’s especially important to take the opportunity to see old harvest friends when you’ve got it, as you never know where the road will take you or when the next time will be to see each other.

Rain day with the Ginthers

The Ginther family and the Z gang saying goodbyes after meeting for supper.

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