All Aboard Harvest | Jenna: Groceries
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Jenna: Groceries

As “the cook,” I’ve realized while grocery shopping over the past couple of years that there are two items whose locations will always keep me guessing…bread crumbs and Velveeta. Every small town grocery store has a different idea on where these items should be placed. Today I must have went up and down the aisles three times looking for Velveeta. Good thing there are only about five aisles.

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  • Jada Bulgin
    Posted at 05:48h, 16 June

    HAHAHA that’s so true. I think they hide the velvetta on purpose! 🙂 you made me LOL at that one.

  • Jamie Zeorian
    Posted at 14:18h, 16 June

    hahahahaaa…you are so totally right, jen!! i mean come on – just put the velveeta by the cheese and the breadcrumbs by the bread! not that hard. miss you!

  • Jenna
    Posted at 16:06h, 16 June

    At least I know you guys thought it was funny…I was trying to be somewhat humorous. Haha! Maybe it’s only funny if you know how true it is though! :]