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Wheat Grower Spotlight: Ryan and Hope Pjesky of Goltry, Okla.

Ryan and Hope of Goltry, Okla., started wheat harvest on June 15. Their first few loads of wheat averaged 35 bushels per acre and had a test weight of 61 pounds per bushel.

Having the first loads come in with results that high was exciting for the couple because they didn’t think their first fields harvested were going to yield that high.

The couple estimates to conclude harvest within the next two weeks because the forecast is in favor of harvest in the area. Hope and her husband are excited to get their wheat out of the field to learn their average yields for this year’s harvest. They are optimistic that this harvest season will result in yields of average to above average.


Wheat Grower Spotlight: Ryan and Hope Pjesky of Goltry, Okla.

Roger Pjesky, Ryan’s father, is harvesting his first field for the 2009 wheat harvest.

The family operation only grows hard red winter wheat and feeds stocker cattle throughout the year. Each year they harvest two-thirds of their wheat crop and graze off the remaining third. By implementing a grazing rotation every three years, the couple has had the opportunity to keep their fields cleaner.
Ryan grew up farming with his parents. Sixteen years ago, Ryan and his wife began their farming operation in Oklahoma. Currently, they both work full-time on their family farm.

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