Jenna: Harvest in Manter, Kan.

Today was our third day of cutting here in Manter, Kan. Because we are working with the Krumbachs, there is a total of five combines, two tractors/grain carts, and five semis running. With all of the people it takes to run the equipment, plus the cooks and additional family members, there are about 20 of us all together. So, the past couple of days have definitely been interesting for me—there is a lot more activity than what I am used to with just my family and our one combine!

They are short one grain cart operator for the time being, so today after lunch I stayed in the field and attempted to learn the ropes. Since my family does not have a grain cart, it was the first time I had ever done it. I was nervous, especially since I was working with the Krumbach’s equipment, but I did not break anything, or run into anything, or do anything too terrible…so I guess I consider it a successful first day? Ha!

I’ll post information on the wheat and crop conditions tomorrow. I would tonight, but my sources of that information are asleep. :]

Lunch around the grain cart
Part of our group having lunch in the shade (or attempting to be in the shade, anyways).

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