All Aboard Harvest | Jenna: Late nights (and early mornings)
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Jenna: Late nights (and early mornings)

It’s a little after midnight and we just got in for the night about 15 minutes ago. I haven’t had a chance to write very much the past couple of days since I’ve been running grain cart, so I thought I’d post a quick note while I am waiting for my turn for the shower.

The wheat is doing well. Today it yielded, on average, around 40. The test weight has been high – around 63 pounds.

The cutting conditions have been good. This area is known for its nice, flat land with no terraces. It has been hot, and we haven’t had any rain yet. I also experienced the strong western Kansas winds for the first time today…wow! (I’m used to being in the more central part of Kansas, so it took me by surprise!)

Although there are five combines running, they’ve been split into two groups for the past couple of days. My group consists of Mom (combine); Dad (truck); Lee K. (truck); and Lee’s grandson, Andrew (combine). The other group consists of Bruce K. (truck); Bruce’s children: Blake, Anna and Katie (all combine); and their two hired men, Andy (grain cart) and Eric (truck).

Leigh K., Bruce’s wife, has been cooking for this entire crew and is doing an amazing job! She delivers at least one hot meal to the field a day and has to deliver it to two different places each time. It is a lot of work and everyone is extremely thankful that she does it!

I have a lot of pictures that need to be posted. I’ll try to get that done as soon as I have a little more time.
Jenna Zeorian can be reached at All Aboard 2009 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

  • Jamie
    Posted at 03:03h, 28 June

    Get those pics posted, sis!! Miss you all SO much. Love you!

  • Larry Rusco
    Posted at 21:58h, 01 July

    Really enjoy your pictures. Reminds me of wheat harvest in Barton County where I grew up. You have some real talent in photo composition. Are ;you an artist? Keep sending blogs and photos.
    Larry Rusco

  • angie(nanna:)
    Posted at 19:16h, 03 July

    I beleive i have told you before that you should be a photographer, cause you do such an AMAZING job. and it sounds like people agree with me=] miss you guys tell everyone hi, can’t wait to see you!! loves