Jenna: Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe day of celebrations. :]

We didn’t quite get enough rain, like I was hoping we would, to have the day off. But, Mom and Dad finished a field around 8:30 p.m., so they called it quits early and came in for the night. We had a traditional little barbeque and then shot off our fireworks. I think everyone enjoyed the evening.

It seems pretty crazy to think that we were still in Texas on the Fourth last year. And many other years we were already in western Nebraska (Lodgepole, Chappell, Big Springs, or Kimball) or Colorado (Cheyenne Wells).

Some of my fondest memories of the Fourth took place in Norton, Kan., because, when I was really young, that’s where we usually were on the holiday. Every year, Mom and Dad would give my older sister and me a few bucks and, every year, we walked down past the Love’s filling station to Rice’s Fireworks stand and carefully made our selections. (We were very loyal customers.) I always bought those little bees and missiles…I guess I liked the loud, obnoxious fireworks. (Ok, I still do.) The stand was just a tiny little trailer-house sort of thing that could only hold about three people at one time. There was no air conditioning and, of course, it’d get so hot in there you’d about pass out. I think they even had cups of water set up outside for when you were finished shopping. Then, at night, my sister and I would shoot off our fireworks in the trailer park and the permanent residents there (the same ones that cheered for me when I learned how to ride my first bike) would sit outside and watch as we laughed and shrieked with delight.

…I guess that’s not really any great story but when I think about the Fourth of July and all the places we’ve celebrated it over the years, that’s the place I still think about. :]

4th of July treats
Our traditional Fourth of July photo with the (somewhat) flag-shaped pan of Rice Krispy treats.

Callie and I trying to light our sparklers.

Dad looking really enthused. :] But, hey, there’s the little torch we use for those stubborn fireworks that don’t want to light…haha…really.

The girls
The girls and Mom take a quick pic. before heading inside for the night.


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