Jenna: A couple of randoms

Garden City Zoo
On Sunday, the girls and I took advantage of the pleasant temperatures (the high was only 80 degrees) and visited the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City. We spent a couple of hours there and had a nice time. Callie was excited to see her favorite animals, the elephants. P.S. The zoo is free! How awesome is that?!

Rural elevator
We have been hauling to Wolf elevator, which is located a few miles outside of Deerfield. Unlike a lot of areas that just have one elevator in town, this area has numerous elevators spread out throughout the countryside. We could see at least five from the field we were in tonight.

The yields here have been averaging between 40 and 60. Yesterday there was a field that made 70, which has been the highest for us this summer.

Ahhhhh! We were attacked by a giant grasshopper!!! …Ha. :]

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