Jenna: Limon, Colorado

Well, “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Sorry, that was cheesy…but I couldn’t resist. :]

We left Deerfield, Kan., late this morning and made it to our fourth stop for the summer, Limon, Colo., a little after 3 p.m. The trip here was a pretty quick one and we didn’t have any trouble along the way, so it was a good moving day.

After we set up camp and moved equipment to the farm, it started to storm and continued to do so on and off throughout the night. With the storm came cooler temperatures – our thermometer read 57 degrees at one point. It’s pretty crazy to think that just yesterday we were burning up in Kansas with 100+ degree temperatures, and now I’m sitting here in Colorado in jeans and a hoodie!

This afternoon we talked to the farmer we are working for and it sounds like it could be mid to late week before the wheat is ready to cut. So instead of turning around right away and heading back to Deerfield to get the rest of the equipment, we’re going to wait until Monday. Dad doesn’t like traveling on Sundays anyways because if we have a break down or something like that, it’s hard to find places, such as repair shops, that are open.

Anyways, it’s good to be back in Limon, Colo. Our first three stops this summer were all new stops, so it’s nice to be in familiar territory. Plus, I just love Colorado. So life is good. :]

Trip totals: 220 miles; 4.5 hours on the road
Summer totals: 2815 miles; 54 hours

Lunch time
Stopped for lunch in Sharon Springs, Kan.

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