Jada: The good harvest in Goodland area

Combining at dusk>

Pictured in this post are photos of a field being cut in Kanarado, Kan. This field ranged from 45 to 95 bushels per acre. Most wheat averaged 60 bushels per acre in the area.

The Goodland harvest has been wonderful. Locals said it was dry, but right when the wheat was planted and rain was really needed—it rained. The area had a dry winter but received a good germinating rain as the wheat was heading out and rain ever since. The result was a crop yielding between 60 and 85 bushels per acre. Rain has been the only downfall to the harvest this season. For the past three days, rain has prevented us from harvesting until around 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The moisture has also made for early nights. The combination of the excellent crop and the moisture has made progress slow. We are almost finished and need to be because our next stop- Limon, Colorado- is almost ready. We are looking forward to running into the Zeorians at Limon!

Combining at dusk



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