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Harvest is full swing in northern states of High Plains

Harvest in Colorado and Nebraska is progressing at full speed. South Dakota started wheat harvest with 1 percent complete. Last week, Oklahoma wrapped up harvest, while Texas and Kansas have less than 5 percent left to cut.
Wheat growers in the plains made good progress on harvest this last week. Harvest is near complete with only 5 percent to get out of the fields.
Harvest wrapped up in northern parts of the state last week. Producers are now preparing fields for fall crops and have three quarters of the winter wheat acres worked.
Most of the state received hot, dry conditions allowing harvest to continue. Over 95 percent of the state’s wheat crop has been harvested. Harvest should be complete by the beginning of next week.
Warm, dry conditions continued throughout the state last week. Winter wheat was reported at 98 percent turning color and 67 percent ripe. Wheat growers have harvested 25 percent of the state’s crop. Nearly 70 percent of the crop is in good to excellent condition. Harvest is in full swing throughout the state.

Above average temperatures allowed harvest to be nearly complete in the southeast. Wheat harvest is in full swing and moving north and west. Sixty-one percent of the crop is ripe, while wheat growers have harvested 29 percent of the crop. The state received an average of 0.5 inches last week. Almost three quarters of the crop is in good to excellent condition.
South Dakota

Parts of the state experienced storms with strong winds, hail and heavy rains. In addition, the much of the state received below average temperatures slowing the maturing process of wheat. Winter wheat harvest started around the state with only 21 percent of the wheat crop ripe. Almost 90 percent of the state’s wheat crop is turning color.

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