Jenna: Completely moved to Limon

Today, Dad and I went back to Deerfield, Kan., to get the rest of our equipment and vehicles. We left Limon around 7 a.m., stopped for lunch in Syracuse, Kan., and made it to the farm outside of Deerfield around 1 p.m. It took us about an hour to load the combine and get everything ready to go, so we were back on the road around 2 p.m.

It was very hot again today, so we stopped in Sharon Springs, Kan., to make sure the tires were holding up and just to cool off for a bit. We ran into some storms once we entered Colorado but they were nothing too serious – just rain and wind. We arrived at the farm outside of Limon around 8 p.m.

I mentioned in my last post that our farmer thought the wheat wouldn’t be ready to cut until late this week. Now it has rained the past three evenings, so it might be even later than that before we can get in the field.


Trip totals: 440 miles round trip; 9 hours on the road
Summer totals: 3255 miles; 63 hours

Stretching our legs
Stopped to stretch our legs alongside the road in Colorado.

Colorado mountains
A view of Pike’s Peak and a beautiful sunset? No … I didn’t exactly hate the drive back to Limon this evening! :]

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