Jenna: July 14 – no cutting

I sort of felt like a vacationer today…since we can’t cut and don’t have much to do, the girls and I spent the afternoon at the swimming pool. After supper tonight, the family wanted to get out of the trailer house for awhile, so we went to McDonalds (yes, we’re in a town big enough to have a McDonalds, haha!) and got ice cream.

While we were there, low and behold, Jada’s dad, Perry, and part of the Hoffman crew came in! (Perry said they were “bachin’ it tonight.” :] ) So that was pretty fun! I’m looking forward to meeting Jada and everyone else when they get there. It’s crazy that out of all the custom harvesters there are, and of all the states and towns we could be working in, our two crews are going to be in the same town. If you think about it…that’s pretty amazing.

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