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Jada: The Z girls go green for a night

The other day, Jenna and her sisters Taylor and Callie took a trip out to the field with my dad and I while we delivered supper. Jenna got the “Green Tour”. For her it was a day of firsts as my dad put her to work driving our machinery. She drove a John Deere combine for the first time, one of our semis and managed to get out of running the grain cart due to time constraints. It was fun having the Z’s in our field and I look forward to running some red! 🙂


Jenna and Carin riding in the field

Jenna chats with Carin as she eats.

Jenna running the green combine!

Jenna runs a Deere for the first time with the help of my dad.

Taylor, Callie, Euan and Robert

Taylor and Callie meet some of our crew- Euan and Robert- and relax with me while Jenna does all the work!




Jenna switches off with Roly so she can make a trip to the elevator.

Lined up to load

One full truck waiting for Jenna and the others waiting to get dumped on.

Jenna driving truck

Looking somewhat calm from the driver’s seat, Jenna drives one of our auto shift semis. Piece of cake, right Jenna?!

Rob in combine

Rob running combine. This picturesque location set the scene for our visit from the Z girls.

Grain cart going to dump

The grain cart goes to dump. Just south of Limon, Colo., farmers didn’t receive as much rain as north of town. This particular field averaged in the high 20s to 30 bushels to the acre.


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