Jada: Rainy weather

This summer has been disappointing in the rain area. When it has rained this summer, it just hasn’t rained enough to completely stop harvest. I like when it rains and we know we cannot cut the next day or it just doesn’t rain at all. Waiting on wet wheat to get dry is not fun. We like when the rains stops harvest so we can relax, grill out and act like “real” campers. We also become tourists instead of harvesters. Our family loves when it rains when we are in Limon, Colo because we are just one hour away from Denver. We like to shop and love to go to the outlet mall in Castlerock. Another must do activity in Colorado is to go white river rafting—it is so fun! The other day the Scots—Roly, Euan, Robert and Mark went white river rafting. Check out pictures of the group in action!

Waiting on wet wheat


Waiting on wet wheat

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