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Jenna: Tornadoes

No cutting for us again today. We didn’t really do anything worth sharing about, either. However, around 5:30 p.m. a nasty storm rolled through. We saw the clouds approaching but figured it was just another rain storm. Soon, though, the tornado sirens went off. The storm moved pretty quickly and we didn’t see a tornado, but tonight the news reported that officials spotted two tornadoes between Limon and Hugo, and that there may have been more. Luckily, there was minor damage reported and no injuries.

After the storm passed, we drove south of town, near the farm where we finished cutting this past weekend. That area was hit hard. Hail had stripped the corn and the stalks were broken by the wind; wheat stubble was beaten to the ground; fields looked like lakes…it was crazy. I feel bad for the farmers who lost their corn crops.

Drifts of hail
Drifts of hail alongside the road about 10 miles south of Limon. It looked like it had snowed!

Hailed corn
The corn was stripped and stalks were broken during the storm this evening.

On a more positive note, today was Jada’s birthday! (Happy birthday, Jada!) Tonight, we had a girl’s night out to celebrate and had a great time!

Carin (Jada’s sister-in-law, who is also part of the crew), me, Jada and Lindsey (Jada’s friend, who is the daughter of one of their customers) celebrating Jada’s birthday.

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