Jenna: Sights from the road

We left Limon, Colo., on Saturday morning for the 700-mile trip to our final stop for the summer in Jordan, Mont. We made it as far as Moorcroft, Wyo., that night. We got up early on Sunday morning and made it to Jordan by mid-afternoon.

After setting up camp and packing, Mom and Dad left to go back to Limon, Colo. They arrived there this afternoon and were able to cut. They will stay in Limon until the job is done and then move the combine and other equipment up here to Jordan so we can begin cutting as soon as possible.

It makes me really sad to think that this was my last move for the summer, as I won’t make the trip from Montana back to Nebraska since I’ll already be home for school. This summer has gone too fast.


Trip totals: 690 miles; 17 hours on the road
Summer totals: 3945 miles; 80 hours

Here are a few random pictures from the drive this weekend.

The view near Scottsbluff, Neb. It was fun being in our home state for a couple of hours, even if we were just passing through! :]

Coal train
We drive by several large coal mines while going through Wyoming … That’s a lot of coal.

Sturgis bikers
There were a ton of bikers on the road, headed to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD.

Callie, this is what happens when you try to blow bubbles while the windows are down.

Wandering bull
Umm…a bull alongside the road. :] Excitement during one of those LONG stretches of nothing-ness!

Eastern Montana
Eastern Montana.

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