Jada: Green wheat greets us

South Dakota green wheat
Everything is green in South Dakota- including the wheat. Here is a picture taken while we were driving home from Gettysburg. Since the wheat is so green, it will be a week or so before we can cut.

We finished up winter wheat harvest in Gettysburg and were surprised to see the winter wheat was better than anticipated. It averaged from 60 to 80 bushels per acre. Yesterday, we went home to Bowdle, SD, and were greeted with green wheat and rainy, overcast weather.

Both the fall crops and the spring wheat are looking great. Here Carin stands by some of my father’s sunflowers we will cut this fall. I can’t remember coming home to sunflowers without their heads on yet. Carin is 5’8″.

Since the wheat will not be ready to harvest for at least a week, the crew and my parents went to Sturgis to attend the Motorcycle Rally. Leon and I are enjoying being home and this weekend, we are going to visit some family and friends. Did I mention it is good to be home?! It is nice being in a house versus our camper. One of my favorite perk s to living in a house versus a camper is showering … I LOVE water pressure! 🙂

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