Jenna: Waiting to cut in Montana

Not a lot has happened since I last wrote. Mom and Dad arrived in Jordan in the afternoon of Aug. 7, after finishing our job in Limon, Colo. Since we received some rain last week and it has been cool and overcast for several days, the moisture of the wheat is too high to cut. Yesterday, I hung out with Dad while he tinkered on the combine, and later in the day, Bruce, Leigh and Blake Krumbach drove over to visit. They are working in Circle, Mont., which is about 65 miles away (and the closest town to Jordan) and couldn’t cut, either. It was great to see them again!

Parked combine
Cloudy skies and cool temperatures have kept us from beginning harvest in Jordan (which is visible in the background of this picture.)

Dad working on the combine.

Tool truck
Our tool truck carries fuel, tools and other items needed in the field.

Taking a break
Bruce and Blake Krumbach came to the farm so Dad could visit and work at the same time. The guys like to talk combines anyways, so it was a good setting for them! :]

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