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Jenna: Home

I’ve been home just a little over a week and it’s been kind of a whirlwind. Driving 900 miles home, moving in, seeing family and friends, and starting school has kept me fairly busy this past week. Coming home is always full of mixed emotions. I am sad that harvest is over for another year and miss the traveling/people/lifestyle – but at the same time, it’s good to be home. I guess you could say the end of summer is a little bittersweet.

My parents and youngest sister are still in Jordan, Mont., attempting to finish harvest. It has been a strange summer in Jordan, as it has rained more than ever before. Also, the weekend before I left, there were two storms that produced hail. Unfortunately, one of our farmers lost about two-thirds of his crop to hail – a bad deal for everyone involved. I talked to Dad earlier today and it sounds like they could be finished cutting in the next couple of days.

So that’s about all the news for now! I’m posting the pictures that I took throughout the summer – a way to remember each stop, I guess. :]

The day we left home.

First stop: Seiling, Okla.

Second stop: Manter, Kan.

Third stop: Deerfield, Kan.

Fourth stop: Limon, Colo.

Fifth and final stop: Jordan, Mont.

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  • nebraska
    Posted at 02:56h, 27 August

    Air Jenna has reached new heights at every stop.

  • Your mom
    Posted at 04:31h, 27 August

    Wow, Jen, I didn’t know you could jump SO high!!! It’s good to see your smiley face again.

  • Jerry
    Posted at 13:17h, 27 August

    I’ll never look at city signs the same way again.

  • Laury
    Posted at 13:49h, 27 August

    lol. I love the pics.

  • Nebraska City
    Posted at 20:13h, 28 August

    I didn’t know you lived so close by, great pictures and writing.

  • Callie
    Posted at 03:50h, 29 August

    Hi Jenna! I’m really sad summer’s over..but I get to see you guys!! I love the pictures, favorite is the Manter one. Sorry about cutting your arm out in the Limon one though….. :). Well, just saying hi! I miss you and love you!!


  • tina
    Posted at 14:24h, 30 August

    I have been travelling with you, my son is also on a Harvest Tour with a Canadian Crew from Saskatchewan, we are from Ontario. Thank-you for your diary. ‘The Boy" is not much of a writer so your insights have been a great read.

    Love the pictures…Perfect.

  • John Cougar
    Posted at 15:50h, 31 August

    Grew up on a farm and also did custom work one year before college. Enjoyed all the messages and pictures from you all. Brought back pleasant memories of long hours and itchy wheat and milo dust. We had two combines, one with a cab and one without. Whomever got up the earliest and greased the combines got the cab combine. After a couple of weeks I was an early riser. Big change in equipment since 1959.
    Best wishes and much success this fall with work and school.

    Thanks, hope to follow you all next year.