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Combines roll, warmer weather reappears

Texas – Harvest is well under way in parts of Texas. Despite minor hail damage in the Northern High Plains, the overall wheat crop looks excellent, with higher than normal yields expected in the Southern High Plains.
Oklahoma – Harvest has begun in the southwestern portion of Oklahoma. Hot weather of 90 degrees or more provided excellent wheat growing conditions. The forecasted hot, dry weather should move harvest right along. The state reports a mostly good to fair crop, with 83 percent in the soft dough stage of development.
Nebraska – Warm weather and sunshine appeared in Nebraska this week, a welcomed break from the unseasonably cooler temperatures that have been hanging around the Cornhusker state. The northern half of the state, however, did see heavier amounts of precipitation. Wheat conditions across Nebraska still rate fair to good. Jointed wheat reached 88 percent this week, still slightly behind last year’s average at this time. Headed wheat reached 33 percent, a week behind last year at this time.
Kansas – Central Kansas had the heaviest amounts over precipitation last week, but temperatures did reach the upper 80s and 90s, giving wheat favorable growing days. The favorable weather allowed the wheat crop to progress to 94-percent complete, slightly behind last year’s 98 percent reported at this time. Eighteen percent of wheat in Kansas has begun turning color, and overall the wheat crop rates fair to good. The primary disease concerns right now are powdery mildew, leaf and stripe rust and barley yellow dwarf. All four diseases have been reported; however, most infestation was reported as light.
Colorado – Temperatures were slightly higher than normal in the Eastern Plains, sparking thunderstorms that produced large hail and damage to crops. Winter wheat was 98-percent jointed and in mostly good condition, and 52 percent of the wheat crop is reported to be headed. Spring wheat is 94-percent emerged and also rated mostly fair to good.
South Dakota – Sunshine and wind have help to progress the wheat crop in South Dakota. Winter wheat across the state is reported 17-percent headed.
– Twenty-five percent of spring wheat was jointing in Minnesota this week, with the overall crop outlook rated at 90-percent good to excellent.
Missouri – Winter wheat is reported to be 91-percent headed, and the overall crop condition is rated 10-percent very poor, 24-percent poor, 34-percent fair, 28-percent good, and 4-percent excellent.

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