Moving n’ shakin through the Texas wheat harvest

Hoffman Harvesting has been busy cutting in Olney, TX. The high humidity mixed with hot days ranging from the high 90’s to the low 100’s has made for long, tough days. While things seem to be getting done, it hasn’t necessarily run too smoothly. A truck is broke down today and our next job is ready. Thanks to no interruptions with bad weather, we will hopefully wrap things up here tonight so we can prepare to head north to Southern Kansas.

I have been kept busy with cooking, visiting with campbells when time allows and helping move fields. I also had to make a part run to Wichita Falls, TX. It amazing to think a part that fits in the palm of my hand can create so much problems. The trip also allowed me time to restock my cooking headquarters thanks to a quick trip to Sams Club.

Tomorrow evening I plan to travel to Dallas to pick up Callum, a new addition to the crew. We are looking forward to the extra help.

I have included some photos of the crew in action as well as some from servicing and getting ready to move to another field this morning. We had to remove our headers because the move was long and some of the roads were narrow. This makes for a hectic move especially in this case because we had to re-hook up our headers on a busy road.

Waiting to be dumped

 Lined up waiting to be dumped.

Johan in the grain cart

Back for his second year with us, Johan runs the grain cart.

Dumping on the go

Dumping on the go saves a lot of time and allows us to be productive by keeping our headers in the wheat.

Loading header

Gabriel works on unloading on the double header trailer while George, Leon and Johan help.

Fixing auger

Johan works on fixing the spout of the unloading auger while Malin fills the combine up with fuel.

Visiting an old friend
Kaidence visits Garland at his leather shop and receives some southern hospitality.

Jada can be reached at All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.


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