Jada: Hoffman Harvesting moves to Kiowa, KS

 Today we moved from Olney, TX to Kiowa, KS. It is approximately a 300 mile trip but seems to take FOREVER when traveling with wide loads on narrow roads. By the time we were done settling up with Olney Fuel, the campground and found out our broken down truck wasn’t going to be able to come with us, it was 11 a.m. before we hit the road. We didn’t get to Kiowa until 6 p.m. The journey was long because of the temperature being in the high 90’s as well as narrow roads and bridges. Our wideloads have to yield to bridges that are narrow when traffic is coming. When it is a busy road, it takes awhile to get past them. I am including a video of us crossing the Oklahoma/ Kansas border. Kiowa is located at the border. However, to my dismay the crew didn’t slow down like I thought they would. I guess they were excited as I was to be in Kiowa. Hopefully you still enjoy the video.


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