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Sage: Bittersweet kind of day

Holliday, Texas- During the harvest season you really grow close with the crew you are with.  Whether it is with your immediate family on your personal farm or with a crew cutting someone else’s, people really bond together.  It may be because of the long hours or it could be the euphoria of the harvest season that brings people together. On a crew, like we have, this is my family for the summer.

In a family, when someone is hurt or struggling, it tugs on the each of the individuals’ hearts in the family.  Today one of our combine operators, Andy Shelburne, decided to go home to be closer to his immediate family, and nobody on the crew could blame him.  His mom is in Portland, Ore. recovering from a stomach surgery and having a tough time with it.  She has been in and out of intensive care and that has been hanging heavy over Andy’s head for a couple weeks now.  Last night, he got a call that his dad was in a car accident in Arizona and he had to be airlifted to Phoenix, Ariz.  He is also in intensive care and had to have surgery.

Andy has been a very hard worker this season and has been the bright spot on many days when the hours have gotten long.  From day one he has had a positive attitude about harvest, and he still has that drive today.  He has always had that attitude even when people correct him.  He was new to driving a combine and after 10 days has come to be a very efficient operator.  It is truly tough to see him go through this, but even today on the way to Dallas, he has kept that very positive attitude.  It is very inspirational how he can continue to keep his head held high during his tough times.

It’s tough to transition from bad news like that to some good news so here goes nothing.  We finished cutting today and are ready to leave for Floydada, Texas tomorrow.  We had a very good run here in Holliday and are hoping that the year continues like it has started.  Some of the wheat in Floydada looks to be ready as we unload tomorrow, while some still looks about a week off.  Hopefully we can keep a strong run going as we continue on into the summer.

My heart breaks for Andy and his family.  I ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days, as he will be in all of ours.  Thank you for the support.

Andy on cloud nine before we left for Harvest. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Andy.

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