Jenna: Zeorian crew fully assembled

Hamlin, Texas – Yesterday (Tuesday), my bosses gave me the afternoon off and I ended up driving to Oklahoma City.

Ok, so it was actually a planned excursion but it sounded more exciting that way, didn’t it? The truth is, my younger sister, Taylor, returned home from her school trip to Washington D.C. and New York this past weekend, so it was time for her to catch up with the rest of the family. My older sister, Jamie, who no longer makes the harvest run, and her fiance, Curt, drove Taylor to Guthrie, Okla. (just north of Oklahoma City), where Callie and I met them.

Why Guthrie? It was one of our harvest stops for eight years, which is long enough to make the town start to feel like one of those home-away-from-homes. So we thought it’d be fun to go back; and it was. Plus, Guthrie was pretty close to being a mid-point for us; it was a 300-mile drive for me and Callie, and a little over 400 miles for the other half.

While the purpose of the trip was mostly business (kind of?), we had some fun, too. We went to the drive-in theater, stayed the night, showed Curt the sites of Guthrie this morning and had lunch. Then came the sad part, though – saying goodbye to Jamie. It’s hard for us to leave her but I think it’s probably worse for her to be left…missing her entire family and missing harvest. (Ouch.) But hopefully she’ll be able to visit us sometime this summer.

Anyways, us girls are now safely back in Hamlin. It’s good to finally have our “crew” complete – it was a little weird without Taylor. Dad informed me that while we were gone, they cut almost 250 acres of good wheat, so it sounds like they had a productive day and a half. I’m just not sure what they did about food…

Z girls
All four Zeorian girls (Taylor, Jamie, Callie and me) together for a short while in Guthrie, Okla.

Jamie and Curt
The oldest Zeorian daughter, Jamie, and her fiance, Curt.

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