Jenna: A new home for the Z crew

Hooker, Okla. – The Zeorian crew has moved to our second stop for the summer; Hooker, Okla. We were going to leave Hamlin bright and early on Tuesday morning but a downpour of rain kept that from happening. Instead, we waited until the rain stopped to pack up and head out. And, unfortunately, that put us behind schedule.

We got on the road after lunch and traveled all afternoon. We realized, however, that if we continued to Hooker, we would be setting up camp at night, which isn’t fun. So we stopped in Perryton, Texas, and spent the night.

We arrived in Hooker this morning, got the trailer house set up and equipment ready to go. The young man we’re working with here cut a test sample this afternoon but the moisture tested around 16 percent – too wet to cut.

It rained on us last night and this morning in Perryton, and is suppose to storm tonight here in Hooker. I would say it’s starting to feel like the rain is following us but I know we’re not the only ones dealing with it. In fact, it seems like about every harvester we know is rained out at the moment.

Flooded highway
The Monday night/Tuesday morning rain in Hamlin, Texas, amounted to at least three inches and flooded roads around town. It also stalled our move until Tuesday afternoon.

Crew on the move
Moving from Hamlin, Texas, to Hooker, Okla. Mom drives the grain truck, pulling the tool pick-up. I drive the pick-up, pulling the combine header. Dad drives the semi, pulling the trailer house. (Yes, really. Haha)

Jenna and rig
Moving day: me, my rig and my snacks.

Perryton storms
Callie in front of the storm clouds last night in Perryton, Texas.

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