Jada: Up and Running Again!! YAY!

Kiowa, KS- Hoffman Harvesting is finally up and running once again. Today, the crew went out to do some more maintenance and was pleasantly surprised to be able to harvest 14% moisture wheat by noon. We were all excited to get back into the field after a long respite.

Despite receiving several inches of rain, we were happy to see the fields were still receiving similar yields to before the rain. The wheat was yielding at 45- 55 bu/ ac.

While the crew was busy being productive, Kaidence and I snuck away from our daily duties and went swimming with Vicky, Kaitlyn, Cody, and Nathan of Hoerner Harvesting. We also ran into Hattie and Hunter Spicer at the pool. It was a good time. We then got supper ready and went out to the field.

I must say it seems like we are playing in the mud a bit. Thankfully we have 4WD! I know some don’t think it helps, but it has saved me too many times (for example today) to not be thankful for it.

Below are some photos of what went on today.

Summer fun

Say CHEESE! Cody, Kaidence, Hattie, Kaitlyn, and Nathan take time out from swimming for a quick photo.


Leon and Hans fix the header on the combine.

Leon cuts off the property line so no one inadvertently harvests the wrong field.

Coming back to field
George comes back from a trip to the elevator.

Grain cart and combine
The grain cart heads to dump. The trucks wait in queue.

Lined up

The trucks are lined up and waiting to be dumped on. The queue makes it easier for the grain cart operator to load the trucks. When the front truck is full the grain cart operator can easily move on to the next in line.


Moving to a new field.

A cool refuge
Malin and Kaidence hang out in the truck. Wheat fields can be very sunny and hot, sitting in the shade is welcome relief.

Jada Bulgin can be reached at jada@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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