Sage: A big Fathers Day

Floydada, Texas- Happy fathers day to all the dads out there and thank you for every thing you do.  Especially mine for helping me through all problems and issues I may encounter.  Fathers play a big role in their kid’s lives, and they need to be celebrated for their influence more than just one day a year, but on this day it is commercialized, so thanks for everything Dad.

Today started a little slower than we wanted it too.  We were only six miles from the elevator, but it seemed every truck in the area was hauling there too.  So the morning started like a tortoise but quickly changed to the hare around noon.  The lines at the elevator seemed to disappear, the cutting was going very smooth and we avoided problems all day. It was a very productive day, and this was with one combine operator who was sick.

My sister, Sierra, came down with strep throat last night, and was unable to work today.  She has been really impressive this year running the combine so it was tough to see her get sick.  Scott, our straw boss, took her position on the No. 2 combine.  Dad spent most of the day taking care of Sierra, finishing some small projects and tying up loose ends.  It is really good for dad to have a straw boss like Scott who is able to manage the crew, job and farmer(s) while dad can keep all his businesses running efficiently.

Sierra posing in the Peterbilt in the field

As the day came to a close, we were able to cut over 600 acres, so it was a pretty decent day.  We actually had to shut down a little early because we have to move the combines about 15 miles tomorrow.  We did run into a little weather, again.  A light drizzle moved into Floydada, and it might push our start time an hour or so back tomorrow.

One last note before I call it a night.  Andy will be returning to the crew Wednesday!  His parents are doing much better and his mom was really happy he got to come home.  Thanks to everyone who sent their support and kept him and his family in their prayers.  It is amazing how many great people are out there.

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