Jenna: Awesome crop in Deerfield

Deerfield, Kan. – The Z crew has had some big cutting days in Deerfield. The crop here has been one of the best we’ve cut in years, with the wheat ranging from 70 to 80 bushels per acre. The test weight has been exceptional, too – averaging around 63 pounds and, at times, near 64 pounds.  And this is dryland wheat, by the way.

Unfortunately with such a thick and heavy crop, lodging tends to take place (lodging is when the wheat starts to lay down). Because you have to try to pick up the wheat with the header, the combine must slow down considerably. Mom has had a great time running the machine at about 1.5 miles per hour the past couple of days. Ha!

Yesterday, the sickle bar broke on the combine. Luckily we had a spare one though, so we were only stopped long enough to make the repair. Kudos to Dad for being prepared.

Dad has really been appreciative of the grain elevators around here – short hauls and short lines. What’s interesting is that in most areas the only elevators are in town, but out here there are elevators spread throughout the countryside.

We had a great time with the Rathes while they were our neighbors here in Deerfield. Yesterday, all of us girls even went into Garden City and checked out the Lee Richardson zoo. (It’s such a nice zoo – and it’s free!) They left this morning for Colby, Kan. I already miss my cooking helpers…and now it seems too quiet without them running around here!

We’ll probably finish here in the next couple of days, but our next stop in Limon, Colo., isn’t ready yet. We’re not sure what we’ll do between now and then – so we’re just taking it day-by-day for now.

Jillian waving
Jillian waving to the combine.

Girls and boots
Brooklyn, Jillian and Callie sitting on the tailgate as the combine runs in the background.

Have a little dirt.

Lodging wheat
Lodging wheat.

Supper and sun
Supper time.

Versatile visitors
Visitors from Ohio: Mike, who is a service representative for Versatile Tractor, and his son, Andrew, were in the area and met up with our crew for a visit.

Garden City Zoo
Callie, Brooklyn, me, Jillian and Candi checking out the rhino at the zoo in Garden City.

Brooklyn and the giraffes.

Last night with rathes
Jillian, Brooklyn and me on their last night in Deerfield.

Jenna Zeorian can be reached at All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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