Jenna: Finishing and the Fourth

Deerfield, Kan. – I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend!

We finished cutting around Deerfield on Saturday; one day shy of working here one full week. It was a good crop this year – the wheat was thick and heavy, dry, and had good test weight. (See some specifics from July 1 here: Deerfield.) Total, it averaged about 76 bushels per acre, which we believe is the best-averaged wheat we have ever cut.

Since we finished on Saturday, we actually had the Fourth of July completely off. I honestly can’t remember a Fourth that we weren’t in the field, begging Mom and Dad to quit early for the night. We enjoyed a relaxing day, grilled for supper, shot off a few fireworks, and had a campfire at a pond, where Callie serenaded us with her guitar. It was a really great night.

Today, our good friends and fellow custom harvesters, the Krumbachs, visited. (If you followed the blog last year, you’ll remember them.) They are currently cutting in Tribune, Kan., but had rain last night, so the day off today. We visited and hung out this afternoon, then had another campfire at the pond and roasted hot dogs. (Yeah, we’ve been crazy party animals the past couple of days! Ha!) It was really fun seeing the K’s and spending time together.

On another note, one of our farmers at our next stop in Limon, Colo., called this morning to let us know that they had hail last night. The town of Limon apparently got hit pretty hard, but our farmer’s crop is still good enough to cut, even though it did get hit. I hope other farmers in the area were as lucky and they have at least some of their crop left.

Fire by pond
Fourth of July fireworks and campfire at the pond.

Taylor and a sparkler
Taylor’s sparkler.

Callie and the missile
Callie, watching a missile.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad, relaxing. (Whoa!)

Grls and guitar
Ending the night with a little guitar by the fire.

Skipping rocks
July 5th: Krumbachs visit. Taylor, Callie, Katie, and Jake (Anna’s fiance) prepare for a rock-skipping contest while Anna snaps some photos.

Men and fire
Dad, Bruce and Blake get the campfire going.

Group enjoying the eveing
The setting for the night.

Supper by the pond
Katie, me and Anna.

Fire by pond

Friends on the 4th
Great night! The whole group minus Taylor, who took the picture – thanks, Taylor!

Jenna Zeorian can be reached at All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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