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Jada: Meet Carsten

Chef Carsten

Chef Carsten gets ready to serve his Danish dish.

Carsten is the 22 years old son of Erik and Karen from Aulum, Denmark which is close to Herning. He has 2 sisters and a brother:  Dorthe [25], Susanne [18], and Marten [16]. Prior to coming to work with us, Carsten worked on a dairy production while taking Agriculture education classes entitled “skilled farmer”.

He had a dream to travel America and work in the agricultural field at the same time. That is when he heard about Hoffman Harvesting.  He currently serves the team as a combine operator. So far his favorite thing about working with us is meeting new people, learning the culture and seeking how Ag business is done here.

His favorite memory is what he labels “aqua fencing” on the farm prior to leaving for harvest. He explains it as being fun, and annoying but a subject that everyone talked about to the point where it was funny. He also enjoys our family/ group gathering as we always have fun at them.

What Carsten misses most about Demark are the people- his family and friends. He also pointed out that he can’t miss the food now with a grin.  That is because the other day he relieved me from my duty as chef for the evening… or at least I think it was just for the evening. The verdict is still out. : )

Carsten was hungry for Danish food and being the nice guy that he is treated us to a meal he would normally make at home. He said when his mother worked late he would cook because his father was usually still working in the field. Since there was no one else to cook he would. Below is the recipe for the delicious and surprisingly easy to cook meal he prepared for us.

Carrot Salad

1 bag of carrots grated

Mix with raisins- amount to liking

Add the juice of 1 or 2 oranges and mix everything together


Danish beef patty and gravy dish

What you will need to make this dish…

Ground Beef

Salt and Pepper




Sauté onions and boil quartered potatoes to serve with meat. While at the same time make ground beef into high patties and fry in butter until beef is cooked through. Add salt and pepper to taste and set meatballs aside. Take meat juices from the pan and add flour to thicken juices for gravy. Add water from potatoes, a bit of milk, and salt and pepper to taste. Combine gravy and meatballs and serve with potatoes and onions.

Tip: Carsten says the trick to making this dish is to use a lot of pepper on the meat and gravy.

Below are some other photos of us hanging out…

Johan, Dan, and Callum

Johan, Dan and Callum enjoy Carsten’s food.

Pieter, George and Gabriel

Pieter, George and Gabriel enjoy the meal prepared by Carsten.

Leon, Johan and Carsten

Leon, Johan and Carsten get our names entered for bowling.

Leon and Kaidence

Leon and Kaidence thouroughly enjoy watching everyone bowl.

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