More moisture, but harvest continues

Across much of the wheat belt Hurricane Alex made its presence known by saturating much of Texas and driving precipitation up through Oklahoma and Kansas over the holiday weekend. Harvest still continues to progress and nears completion in several areas.

Texas – Hurricane Alex dumped excessive precipitation on the Low Plains, Edwards Plateau, Upper Coast and the Lower Valley10 to 15 inches — however, wheat harvest was able to continue in some areas. Harvest is still nearing completion in several areas of the state, and the condition of this year’s crop remains mostly fair to good.

Oklahoma – The Oklahoma wheat harvest has reached 90-percent complete, while 52 percent of wheat ground has been plowed.

Kansas – Dry conditions early in the week were replaced by a rainy Fourth of July weekend across Kansas. Some flooding was reported, and lower temperatures settled in over the weekend. Eighty-four percent of wheat acreage has been harvested, slightly ahead of last year at this time. Producers in the Northwest portion of the state, however, still have 69 percent yet to harvest.

Nebraska – Temperatures averaged in the mid 90s across the Cornhusker State last week, allowing wheat to inch closer to being complete. Ninety-percent of the wheat crop has turned color, near last year’s average. Wheat is only 30-percent ripe, behind the average. Conditions of wheat remain fair to good, with 12-percent excellent.

Colorado – Drier weather helped push wheat progress along this past week. Winter wheat is 96-percent turning color, and 21 percent has been harvested by the end of the week. The crop continues to be rated mostly good condition. Spring wheat is 74-percent headed, 12-percent turning color, and remains mostly in good condition.

South Dakota – Spring wheat continues to make progress, the crop is reported at 97-percent booted—slightly ahead of the average. Winter wheat continues to develop as well. The crop is ahead of the previous year and 71 percent has turned color.

Minnesota – Fifty-five percent of spring wheat is rated in good condition as the crop continues to mature ahead of the average. The spring wheat crop is reported at 91-percent headed. Harvest has begun across the state for producers using small grains as forage.

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