Jenna: Moving to Colorado

Deerfield, Kan. – The Z crew is finally on the move again after almost a week of downtime. We finished here in Deerfield on July 3 but stuck around for a few days because of the wet conditions and green wheat at our next stop in Limon, Colo.

Yesterday, Dad and I made the first trip to Limon. We didn’t see one single combine cutting on the entire 220-mile trip through western Kansas and eastern Colorado. It was crazy. The weather definitely had/has harvest slowed down.

Once in Limon, we had a chance to look at some of the fields we’ll be cutting and see how far along the wheat is. Surprisingly, a couple of the fields look like they’ll be ready within the next couple of days…if the weather is right. Other fields are still noticeably green, though.

We had to stay in Limon last night because on Tuesday my younger sister, Taylor, was lucky enough to meet up with her high school church youth group from home on their way to Denver for a fun trip. They headed back home today, so dropped Taylor off with us when they passed through Limon.

We returned to Deerfield this afternoon and will head back to Colorado with the rest of the equipment, trailer house, and family tomorrow.

On a little side note, when we passed through Tribune, Kan., today, we noticed somebody in a pick-up giving us a big wave. I realized it was Scott Clark – one of All Aboard’s guest correspondents! So that was kind of fun. :]

Leaving deerfield

Loaded and ready to make the first trip from Deerfield, Kan., to Limon, Colo.

Dad filling out his log book before hitting the road.


Dad checking the wheat in one of our fields outside of Limon, Colo., as a storm brews to our east.


Limon wheat and storm.

Temp gun

Dad’s temperature gun provides entertainment while waiting for the truck to warm up before heading back to Deerfield.

On our way back to Deerfield, I talked Dad into driving through the campground in Cheyenne Wells, Colo., where we cut one summer. Cheyenne Wells is one of the biggest harvest stops in the area. I tried to capture the “trailerhood” (Ha, get it? Like “neighborhood…), but the video just doesn’t do it justice. Also notice the number of trucks sitting because of the wet conditions that have kept harvesters out of the field.

(By the way, I seriously think a film crew should visit a harvest stop like this and make a documentary or something. Think of the people they could talk to, stories they could hear, etc. It’d be awesome.)

Jenna Zeorian can be reached at All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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