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Sage: Cutting and Attracting a Crowd

Last Chance, Colo.- I would like to first point out that we are actually cutting much closer to Last Chance, Colo. rather than Limon, Colo. where we are staying.  I say this because there has been so much weather in the area that if the Limon area was hit with rain, it most likely missed us, or vise versa.

We have been cutting north of Last Chance for two full days now, and have had nothing but perfect conditions.  The air is crisp, making the hot afternoons bearable.  The fields are pretty good too.  We have been cutting around 35-45 bushel wheat, which is very good considering a lot of this area was hit pretty hard by hail, especially close to Limon, Colo.  If we are able to continue to have these conditions we should be done this time next week.

Not only have the last couple days been extremely productive, we have also been very gracious hosts, as a total of 11 guests have come through to see the harvest.

The first guests were two DuPont sales women, Marissa and Elizabeth.  They were very nice young women who both hail from California, but work for DuPont in Colorado, covering different parts of the state.  They came out yesterday and spent the early part of the afternoon riding around the field on the combines.

Our next guest was an older gentleman by the name of Phil.  He spent yesterday evening, and most of today riding around the field on the combines.  He told me he has always had an interest in farming, and when he saw the harvest up close and personal, he said he felt like a kid in a candy store.  He was absolutely amazed by the machines and the 40-foot headers.

The third and last was a group of eight guys from Case.  It was a mixture of guys from the marketing department in Racine, Wis. and guys from quality control in Grand Island, Neb. who were out touring the area talking to a few cutters.  They were there for the better part of the afternoon riding on the machines and talking to us about how we liked them.

It can be challenging to stay focused when you have groups of people come visit, but we were able to stay very efficient and keep the combines rolling.  The reason they are out there in the first place is to see the combines in action.

It was extremely nice to meet all of these great people the last two days.  I had a tremendous time with all of them.  When someone comes out and see’s the harvest, they get a glow about them that is just contagious.  Thanks to all of them that were able to come see us and I hope they liked their little taste of Sammons Adventures Harvesting, because we truly enjoyed having all of them.


Marissa (left) and Elizabeth (right) pose in front of the combine during their visit.

Phil and John

Phil (left) joins our combine operator John for a quick picture during his visit.


A few of the Case guys talk about the machines right after dinner.


The combine dumps into the grain cart after finishing part of a field.

Grain cart

The grain cart dumps into a semi as dusk hits the harvest field.

Sage Sammons can be reached at sage@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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