Jenna: Trying to cut in Colorado

Limon, Colo. – When I posted on Monday that we were finally back to work again, I guess I spoke a little too soon. While we have been able to cut some over the past couple of days, we still haven’t gotten back into a regular harvest routine yet.

Early afternoon on Tuesday we ran into slightly green wheat, which shut us down for the rest of the day. On Wednesday morning, the wheat still wasn’t quite dry enough but, thanks to the heat, was ready to go after lunch. When you have half-days of cutting like those, it doesn’t feel like you’re getting much accomplished.

We did, however, have a good full day today. So maybe now we’ll get back on track. There have been some showers in the area the past couple of days but luckily the rain has missed our fields.

As for the crop, it is making about 30 bushels per acre, with a 61 to 62 pound test weight and 12 percent protein.


“Frank” and “Pete.” (Of course our trucks have names.)


Field south of Limon, Colo.

Combine cab

In the combine cab with Mom.


Unloading into the semi.

jmz_july 15_combine and moon

Harvesting under the moon. (Too cheesy? Oh well.)

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