How sweet it is

Emma Misener and her crew have been busy and not just harvesting wheat. This week Emma’s update will be a two part look into what has been keeping the Misener family so busy. Part one finds Emma a little sweeter than usual.

My brother David, his wife Verena, and son Alexander came up for a short visit. They brought our crew member Andrew’s car up to him because he will be starting medical school shortly. Abby and Elizabeth went back with David and his family, so it feels like an empty house.

My sister Katie, husband Tim, and all the girls also came up for a visit. When they came this time they were bearing gifts. They had picked blackberries and asked if mom would help make them into jam. We spend two days canning in the heat and humidity. It was hot, but the finished product was worth it. We canned 78 jars of jam and it was good. It should last this household until the end of the year.

Let’s just say this family is filled with jelly fanatics!


Part of the process is sterilizing the jars.


Mom pours in lots of sugar, that’s what makes it so sweet.


I just had to do a taste test.


Olivia helps out with the jam.


Mom gives them a final bath to help seal them, and then puts them on the table to cool off.


Me writing ‘Blackberry Jam’ on all those jars.

Part two is coming soon as Emma updates us on wrapping up in Oberlin, Kan., and moving to South Dakota.

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