Jenna: Final 15 cut

Limon, Colo. – Good news! The final 15 acres that I posted about on Tuesday have been cut. Those acres were the few that were keeping us from being finished with harvest here in Limon.

Yesterday afternoon we were able to get in the field and get them taken care of. We finished just in time, too, because last evening a storm came through that dropped a pretty good amount of rain. There was more rain today, as well.

From what I’ve heard, the crop in Montana is supposed to be good this year. Our job in Jordan, Mont., is usually ready around the beginning of August, so by the time we get things ready to go and make the two trips north, we should be just about right on time.

Here are a couple of photos from the past few days. Kind of random – but they’ll work. :]


Mom running the combine.



Callie and Dad eating supper.


Finished field.


Double rainbow after one of the recent storms in Limon.


Pasture near our last field.

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