Jenna: Cleaning and BBQ

Limon, Colo. – I don’t have a lot of news from the wheat world to share today. The Z crew spent the afternoon cleaning vehicles, trucks and equipment, and getting things ready for the big move to Montana.

This evening, a couple who we cut for here, Steve and Kathy, invited us to their farm for supper. We had a nice barbeque and good time just hanging out.

We’re aiming to leave here on Monday. I know Dad has a few more things to do tomorrow to prepare for the move. Us girls might possibly have to…want to…make a trip to Denver. But we’ll see.

Taylor cleaning

Taylor cleaning the wheat chaff out of the back of the grain truck.

Mom vacuuming pickup

Mom vacuuming the tool pick-up.


Mom, Callie, Taylor, Dad, Steve and Kathy having supper at Steve and Kathy’s farm.

Steve and dad

Steve and Dad chatting.

Jenna and Kitty

Me and one of the kittens from Steve and Kathy’s farm. Look at him! He was seriously too cute not to share…and I’m not even a cat person.

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