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Jenna: Moving to Montana

Jordan, Mont. – The Z crew is in the middle of one of the longest weeks of the summer; the week that consists of the move from Limon, Colo., to Jordan, Mont. The trip, one-way, is over 700 miles. And the trip has to be made three times for some of us (ahem, Mom and Dad).

Unlike other moves, we always move the trailer-house to Jordan on the first trip instead of the second. So, on Monday around 3 p.m., the whole family left Limon. We knew we wouldn’t make it too far that day considering how late we were leaving but it was the kind of thing where we just needed to get on the road.

We made it as far as Scottsbluff, Nebr., that night. I wasn’t pulling the combine header (it will make the second trip instead), so I had the opportunity to make a couple of stops and detours that I normally wouldn’t have been able to do. For example, while Mom and Dad were in Scottsbluff trying to find a place to park for the night, Taylor, Callie and I detoured to see Chimney Rock…the way true Nebraskans should and would. :]

Speaking of being a true Nebraskan – I have to say, it was pretty nice to be in our home state, even if only for a night. It had been two months since I’d been in “the good life” and being there actually made me a little homesick. Even though we live on the far eastern side of the state, and we were on the far
western side of the state that night, call me crazy – but it smelled, and felt, like home. I guess it was probably the cornfields and humidity.

We traveled all day on Tuesday and didn’t have any breakdowns or problems. Ok, so I actually took a wrong exit once, in Gillette, Wyo., but big deal, right? We made it as far as Miles City, Mont., that night, which meant the trip was basically over. On Wednesday morning we got up and drove the final 80-some miles north to Jordan.

Coming back to Jordan is basically like coming home. It’s one of the stops that my great-grandparents made when they were harvesting. And, since my parents have been in the business, we’ve been here every single summer – making it the 20th for me. I could go on about this little town, but I’ll have to save that for another day.

Mom and Dad left this morning to head back to Limon to get the rest of the equipment. They should make it there by tomorrow, then turn around and head back north with the semi, combine, tool truck and combine header on Saturday. I won’t be surprised if they don’t make it back to Jordan until Monday.  Many of the roads through Wyoming and Montana are steep and narrow, which slows speed down considerably, especially with a wide load.

The wheat here is still a little green but should be ready to go by this weekend or early next week. So our timing should work out pretty well.

On a side note, I’m pretty sure today (July 29) was fellow correspondent, Jada’s, birthday. Happy birthday, Jada!!

Leaving limon

Leaving Limon, Colo. on Monday.


Happy to be passing through good ol’ Nebrasky on our way to Montana.

Chimney Rock

Since we stayed in Scottsbluff, Nebr., on Monday night, Taylor, Callie and I detoured to see Chimney Rock.

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock at sunset.

Lunch at rest stop

Having lunch on Tuesday at a rest stop in Wyoming.

Miles City

Stopped in Miles City, Mont., Tuesday night.


Montana praire and strips of wheat south of Jordan, Mont.

Jenna Zeorian can be reached at jenna@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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