Montana now in full swing

Harvest is just beginning in Montana, and wrapping up in places like the Panhandle of Nebraska and Colorado. Wheat remains rated in the good to fair category across the board.

Colorado – Winter wheat is estimated at 99-percent complete; this year’s crop was rated mostly good to fair condition. Spring wheat is 77-percent turning color, and only 11-percent harvested. The spring crop is rated good to fair.

Nebraska – Fields are being harvested in the Panhandle of Nebraska. Wheat harvested is at 99 percent.

South Dakota – Progress continues with wheat harvest. Winter wheat is 96-percent complete and spring wheat is 54-percent complete.

North Dakota – Warm dry weather helped push harvest this week. Spring wheat was reported at 13-percent harvested, and Durum wheat was 36-percent turning. Only one percent of Durum wheat has been harvested.

Minnesota – Above average temperatures have led to drier conditions that have moved harvest along at a rapid pace across Minnesota. Spring wheat is 47-percent harvested, compared to only three percent last year.

Montana – Spring wheat harvest has begun, following the harvest of Durum wheat that has already begun. Spring wheat is only six-percent completed, and Durum wheat is 13-percent harvested.

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